Wednesday, April 4, 2012

We are ALIVE

Hapers is the king of the popcorn bowl. Almost every Sunday this is how my carpet looks. All of my boys (yes including Bryan) eat tons of popcorn and watch movies. Hap is my favorite age! he loves his mom and carries my garment top around everywhere. I have had to make it a only in bed type thing because it was getting a little embarrassing. He loves horses and makes the sound. He says dada, baba, nini, ball, ballo, four wheeler and a lot more I cant think of. He like to pester daisy our dog and if his brothers are being mean to him he doesn't mind slapping them in the face. He loves to be chased and squills and laughs so cute when you say you are going to get his bum. Outdoors and digging with tractors are is favorite. He will throw the biggest fit when I bring him in to take a nap or just get a drink. He can climb up and down the stairs and ladder in the older boys room. He gives the best hugs in the world. I Just love this boy and everything about him.
Porter went with Bryan to hunt Tyler Draneys big Elk hunt. It was a big deal for a 5 yr old to go and sit there for many hours. He stayed in a tent and loved every minute of it. He fell asleep on the four wheeler on the ride home.
Port loves to draw. He wanted to enter the reflections contest and his piece made it to region. He drew a poster of people of every color gathered around a fire. The theme was Diversity means....
We met bry last fall in park city. The boys loved the alpine slide!
Cash insisted on wearing these yard sale goggles for the ride down.(yard sales in park city were awesome!)

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