Monday, September 29, 2014

My baby Ivee
Hopi reservation...ya dorky

 Just making a little cup a noodle on our motorcycle ride.

 Coyote gulch.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Catch up...

So I have been out of commission for awhile but I want to start up again. This is a brief summary of the last few month.
We made valentine boxes!

All tuckered out from skiing at Brian Head.

Porter turned 7!!!!

Sleeping in time out!

Probably couldnt fit another one on him.

Waiting to come down the stairs on christmas morning.

Christmas eve jammies.

Hap turned 2

Helping decorate or destroy the little village

Cash taped skateboards on Haps feet to make roller skates. Brilliant!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

We are ALIVE

Hapers is the king of the popcorn bowl. Almost every Sunday this is how my carpet looks. All of my boys (yes including Bryan) eat tons of popcorn and watch movies. Hap is my favorite age! he loves his mom and carries my garment top around everywhere. I have had to make it a only in bed type thing because it was getting a little embarrassing. He loves horses and makes the sound. He says dada, baba, nini, ball, ballo, four wheeler and a lot more I cant think of. He like to pester daisy our dog and if his brothers are being mean to him he doesn't mind slapping them in the face. He loves to be chased and squills and laughs so cute when you say you are going to get his bum. Outdoors and digging with tractors are is favorite. He will throw the biggest fit when I bring him in to take a nap or just get a drink. He can climb up and down the stairs and ladder in the older boys room. He gives the best hugs in the world. I Just love this boy and everything about him.
Porter went with Bryan to hunt Tyler Draneys big Elk hunt. It was a big deal for a 5 yr old to go and sit there for many hours. He stayed in a tent and loved every minute of it. He fell asleep on the four wheeler on the ride home.
Port loves to draw. He wanted to enter the reflections contest and his piece made it to region. He drew a poster of people of every color gathered around a fire. The theme was Diversity means....
We met bry last fall in park city. The boys loved the alpine slide!
Cash insisted on wearing these yard sale goggles for the ride down.(yard sales in park city were awesome!)

We are ALIVE!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Hap James Young

I love this age of my baby. He is almost 14 months and I can say he melts my heart. If he stayed this age forever it would be OK with me. I took him to get his 1 yrs checkup.

His stats are: 22 lbs 56%, Length 30.75 inches 60%, and 91% on head size.
(my smallest boy so far)

Some of the things he is doing. I swear he is changing every day!

* He can say "dada", "dog", "owee", "ice"
*He is walking and started to walk at about the 13 month mark.(I enjoyed the extra 3 month no walky time. His brothers started at 11 months)
*He is so in love with his Dada. When he comes home that is the only person he wants and if he doesn't get him he cries and cries for "dada".
*He loves tractors and little cars and Loves to be outside. He will through the biggest fit when i bring him in after being outside.
*He has been starting to sleep a ton better! I put him down about 7 or 8 ish and he will wake up around 4 or 5 for a drink and then sleep to about 8.
*Loves to snuggle
*has 4 top teeth, 4 bottoms, and 3 molars.
*Gives me whole open mouth kisses.
*Loves horses (when its warm I take him out to feed the horses with me. He touches them and tries to make some sort of sound. whatever it is, it is so dang cute)

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Hap Turns 1!!!

My babe turned one on December 8th. I love this little boy. We had Mike and Judy over for dinner and cake and ice cream. The boys picked out the little mcqueen car and he loves it. what a great day.
*loves horses
*riding daddy as the horse
*loves his brothers..gets so excited when Port comes home
*Doesnt sleep well
* still wants to nurse and his mommy doesnt
*he has 4 bottom and 4 top teeth. Molars are also coming in
* loves to throw balls, can roll them to you
* Hates to ride in the car
* loves meat
* Dances to music and his little ride on cars
* loves to climb everything. The stair, the bunk beds, the fireplace, everything!!!


Halloween was great. We went around our neighborhood. the best part was the gator. It no longer runs so Bryan got this great idea to pull it behind the four wheeler. the boys did their trick or treating in the Gator.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Life as we know it...

Life is great....just missing a huge part of our family on an every day basis...but things are going to be better. I get to see him every night!! Bryan has been building cabins the past 6 months in vernal and now in Wyoming. When the kids weren't in school we would stay with him in the trailer, now that school has started we are apart. He is supposed to finish sometime next week and then he will start the next one which is in spring city...only about 45 minutes from here. I am so excited. The boys and I have really got into a routine and things have been just fine, however, It is so nice to have Bry home!
I am the luckiest mom..I truly feel so blessed to have these 3 little boys. Porter is doing very well in school. He is starting to read a little. He is way into friends now and loves to learn and draw. Everyday when he gets home he wants to do his homework and then draw or color something. The girls at school love Port. They chase him around and try to kiss him. He says that he doesn't mind...he is such a good boy and I love him so much.
Cash is so smart. Porter said something about the pledge of allegiance and Cash recited the entire thing. I couldn't believe it. I had no idea he was even learning it. He loves preschool too. He is doing so good with Hap. He plays with him and makes him laugh. Cash asks me probably everyday, when his birthday is, and when Christmas is. He also will see a toy on TV and he wants everything. I love him so much and he is such a blessing in my life.
My baby Hap. Man he is getting big. I love him so much. He loves to wave at everyone. It is so darn cute I could eat him. He is crawling all over the place and standing up to everything. He loves to play downstairs and will whin at the top of the stairs until I take him down to all the toys. He loves his momma. He loves to snuggle and be rocked. I am a little worried about stopping nursing in December because he wont take a bottle. Yikes! He has a humorous personality and will laugh if you laugh. Paint brushes and balls seem to be his favorite toy right now. He also loves it when we ride four wheelers.
I feel so very blessed to be a wife of a giving. hard working man that cares so much about making sure I can stay home with these sweet boys.
I am very blessed to have these 3 beautiful healthy boys that have change who I am. Being just a mom was so hard for me at first but now I think it is the greatest thing ever. My life is so good and I am so grateful for my family.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Cash turns 4!

So i am little late but we celebrated Cash's birthday on July 12th. He is so funny. I would ask him what he wanted for his birthday and he would tell me a bunch of McQueen stuff but most off all a McQueen cake. We had a little birthday party at our trailer in Altimont because we were with Bryan that week. When I showed him his cake he ran and told Porter that his birthday is here. He thinks that his cake is his birthday. We didn't do anything big this year but he didn't seem to care. We swam, ate good food and had some cake. It was a great day and Cash is one yr older. This child of mine can be such a handful. this may be an understatement. He barely got potty trained about 3 months ago and it wouldn't be a surprise to find him squatting outside. I guess its a good thing we live in the country. He loves to do everything I tell him not to do. I sometimes have to put myself in time out to handle him. On the other hand he is very full of personality and very good with direction. He knows were everything is and were we are going. He loves to know what town we are in when we drive. Sometimes his questions exhaust me so i tell him to ask Port and hes a good sport about answering. Cash's best friend is Porter. When friends come over to play its not ironic to see the friends playing together and them off playing by themselves. They love to dig in the sand box, go swimming, play with friends, camp, pretend hunt, and whatever other boy stuff there is to do. He absolutely loves his daddy. When he gets hurt it very hard to console him because he just wants his dad. Cash is a head shorter than Porter and they are only 18 months apart. He is known for his surfer hair and people are always commenting on it. I love this little boy.

Happy Birthday Little Cashers We love you very much.
As for pictures I will have to add them. Sorry.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Just noticed Haps first tooth just broke through. This guy has been a huge handful this week breaking this bad boy. Wanted to remember the day for him.

Ps I need a baby book for him!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Cash broke his arm

So if you arn't familiar with my boys and their little business they do than this will explain it. Last winter Bryan helped them make a tank for flesh eating beetles. These beetles eat skulls from deer and elk or whatever for people who want their trophy animals forever. They finally earned enough money to buy something and they decided to get a tramp. About a week after getting it Cash decides to walk outside the protective safety net....He falls on his arm. He cried a little bit but went back to playing. Throughout the next couple days he falls on it and it hurts and he cries but I just think its bruised. Well about 4 days later the swelling is still their I decide id better take him in. They x ray it and sure enough its broken. He now has a half cast and is ordered to not play in the mud. If you know Cash this is impossible. The first day he gets in the mud and gets his cast a little muddy but not bad. I am not sure were he found the mud but he did. So here we are in the early days of summer and cant go swimming and play in the water. Hopefully it comes off in 2 weeks.
I don't think this will be the last broken arm with this child of mine.

Hap is 6 months

Just wanted to add this

18.3 lbs 65%
271/2 inch 78%

Can sit up pretty well
Sleep about 4 to 5 hrs at night
loves his brothers and laughs at them daily
Grabs everything...wants to eat everything
Loves to take baths and smiles and tries to get out my arms to jump in.
Sleeps when we go on walks
Loves his mom and dads bed and would prefer theirs over his any day

Love this little boy so much and am sad he is growing too fast.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ports tooth

This big guy lost his first tooth this week. It has really been bothering him and was really loose so we tied some dental floss to it and he pulled it out. I was quit a wimp because I didnt want to hurt him so he did it. He is such a stud. I love him so much and am not to happy he will be starting kindergarden this year.

It bled pretty bad. This is his tooth tied on the the floss and a towel containing the blood. The tooth fairy brought him 2 dollars. Whahoo...he tells everyone.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


I love Dana Point California and wish i could live there but the price of a home there is not in my pocket book. We went to California to hang out on the beach pretty much. We spent all of our time in Dana point and San Diego checking out the sand!! We were thinking about going to sea world but we took the kids to Aquarium of the pacific and when we got out they only talked about going to the beach. I couldn't figure it out?? My boys love water and sand, i guess. They also enjoyed collecting sea shells at low tide with Bryan (the baby and my DAD had enough so i stayed at the hotel). That place is awesome. We spent 4 months there just after I had Cash, remodeling a beach house overlooked the ocean. It was beautiful. I don't know what it is but people really like to exercise there. It is a huge motivation for me to get out and run. nothing like pushing your kids on the beach everyday. Anyways, it was great to go back and see how happy the boys were to play in the ocean. first night there

Hap spent many hours in the stroller....I love this stroller it has many miles on it.

Hanging out in the Car

We stopped in Vegas on the way there and back. Porter learned to swim underwater with a mask. He loved it. This is Watching the water show. We spent 3 hours on the strip to watch the pirate ship show and I was not impressed. They had not so nicely dressed chicks dancing around and not really the show that i remember. Wont be watching that again especially when my kids know whats going on!!!

Aquarium of the Pacific.

Cool Birds

Cute Hapers at the beach. He didn't love the beach.

Cash and his wet suit kept him very warm.

Mike and Judy sent the boys with a little envelope that said "do not open until on your trip" We let them open them on the way and it was 20 bucks. We headed to Wally world to get some trucks for the beach. This is what they each got! Thanks Mike and Judy!

Also thank you DAD for sharing your place with us. We love you very much and just happy you want to hang out with us.