Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ports tooth

This big guy lost his first tooth this week. It has really been bothering him and was really loose so we tied some dental floss to it and he pulled it out. I was quit a wimp because I didnt want to hurt him so he did it. He is such a stud. I love him so much and am not to happy he will be starting kindergarden this year.

It bled pretty bad. This is his tooth tied on the the floss and a towel containing the blood. The tooth fairy brought him 2 dollars. Whahoo...he tells everyone.

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Cyndi said...

LOL That is pretty awesome! Are our boys really old enough to start losing their teeth already?! Gosh how do they grow so stinkin' fast? I'm Glad the tooth fairy made it, she is a few days late sometimes at my house...oops:)