Sunday, May 15, 2011


I love Dana Point California and wish i could live there but the price of a home there is not in my pocket book. We went to California to hang out on the beach pretty much. We spent all of our time in Dana point and San Diego checking out the sand!! We were thinking about going to sea world but we took the kids to Aquarium of the pacific and when we got out they only talked about going to the beach. I couldn't figure it out?? My boys love water and sand, i guess. They also enjoyed collecting sea shells at low tide with Bryan (the baby and my DAD had enough so i stayed at the hotel). That place is awesome. We spent 4 months there just after I had Cash, remodeling a beach house overlooked the ocean. It was beautiful. I don't know what it is but people really like to exercise there. It is a huge motivation for me to get out and run. nothing like pushing your kids on the beach everyday. Anyways, it was great to go back and see how happy the boys were to play in the ocean. first night there

Hap spent many hours in the stroller....I love this stroller it has many miles on it.

Hanging out in the Car

We stopped in Vegas on the way there and back. Porter learned to swim underwater with a mask. He loved it. This is Watching the water show. We spent 3 hours on the strip to watch the pirate ship show and I was not impressed. They had not so nicely dressed chicks dancing around and not really the show that i remember. Wont be watching that again especially when my kids know whats going on!!!

Aquarium of the Pacific.

Cool Birds

Cute Hapers at the beach. He didn't love the beach.

Cash and his wet suit kept him very warm.

Mike and Judy sent the boys with a little envelope that said "do not open until on your trip" We let them open them on the way and it was 20 bucks. We headed to Wally world to get some trucks for the beach. This is what they each got! Thanks Mike and Judy!

Also thank you DAD for sharing your place with us. We love you very much and just happy you want to hang out with us.

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Cyndi said...

Looks Like you guys had tons of fun! Im glad you guys are able to get out and play! I really want to take my kids to Cali, we have never takin' them there. Will burnt himself so I am just hoping we can do anything with water this summer...How long before cash healed enough not to be wrapped? And what degree were his burns?