Thursday, April 21, 2011

My boys!!!





4 month

* 15.81lbs 26 inches long.. 85% on both

Hap is the happiest baby.

He is smiling 75 % of the time.

Love to nurse and wont take a bottle.

Loves when Port plays with him and is a little concerned when Cash does.

Is very ticklish, laugh when you tickle him.

Rolls over sometimes.

Sleeps for a bout 4 to 5 hours between feedings at night.

Loves to be were he can see his momma at all time.


3 3/4

36 inch 35 lbs

Loves tractors, trucks, trailers, and anything that has a motor.

Loves airplanes and helicopters, wants to be a pilot and forklift driver.

He has a signature move, he runs and skips with one knee in the air.

Likes to hang out with mom most of the time.

Can count to 12.

Can sing twinkle twinkle little star and his ABC's

Is very good with the computer, Loves nick Jr and you tube.

Hates clothes and takes them off whenever he is in the house.
Love Love Loves books and movies.

He is a one of a kind boy.



4'2 50 lbs

Loves to build stuff, work on trucks and help his mom.

Babysits his baby brother while mom takes a shower.

Wants to be just like his dad.

Wants to build houses when he grows up.

Loves his family and tell us all very often.

Loves to draw and paint and is very good at it.

Loves to play tball.

loves to wrestle with daddy.
Is a gentlemen and will make someone a good husband and father someday.

Likes to clean and make mommy happy.

Is very good with tools. Can handle an impact wrench by himself.

Loves to hunt and work his little beetle business.


Cali said...

I love this, Crystal. Loved reading about the boys - about their likes and talents, etc. Very cool post!

Cyndi said...

I can't believe hap is 4 mtgs old already! He looks so much like Port it's crazy. Your boys are all so cute and sweet. You should be very proud!